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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Taiwan has donated over 50 million masks in efforts to relieve resource shortages.

The following article is published under the pure innocence of a young teenager and is not meant in any intention of offense. If you find any of the below content insensitive, inappropriate, or dangerous to audience members, feel free to contact us by filling in the message section via the bottom of the main page, please. In addition, please note that the covid-19's statistics and information are constantly changing; hence, the provided information specifically applies to the time-frame of the article's publication. Thank you.

Article Outline

The COVID-19 is not the only viral outbreak tracing to discrimination.

Stopping the spread of disinformation attributes to preventing and combatting racism and xenophobia.

Over 16 million people have lost their jobs while there is more to come.

Americans unwilfully unemployed due to the COVID-19 have no guarantee of severance pay.

Johns Hopkins University’s prediction suggests that Taiwan would be the second most suffering country from the outbreak. Outcomes deny.

Taiwan has donated 10 million masks to aid countries’ resource shortage.

In appreciation of Italy’s help during the mid-1900s, Taiwan has donated $120 million NTD to battle the viral outbreak there.

There are lots we can do to help! Check out the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Read This Introduction and Stop Touching Your Face

The recent global outbreak of the 2019 coronavirus has left millions unemployed, thousands with life-threatening chronic illnesses, and the rest of the world panicking for safeguard resources. While most of us have our personal toilet paper complaints at the tip of our tongues, we tend to forget the ones temporarily displaced, or the refugees and underprivileged who have experienced situations as such for most their lives.

The Spreading Virus Shouldn't Spread Discrimination

(source: Toronto Sun)

From verbal and physical street harassment to targeted distancing on public transportation, the East Asian population bears the brunt of discrimination during times like this. However, the COVID-19 is not the only case of virus outbreak tracing to discrimination. In fact, an article by The Atlantic elaborates on this subject, explaining how “the denigration of certain populations is a familiar symptom of viral outbreaks.” Like the 1853 yellow fever epidemic, the 2012 MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) and the 2014 Ebola pandemic, populations more vulnerable to the disease or ones ethnically related to the outbreak’s origins were likely to experience social stigmatism and discrimination.

Hysteria isn’t a solvency and neither is bellyaching, but impeding the spread of disinformation and combatting the racial injustice people have generated puts us all in a safer place.

Struggles With Unemployment During the Pandemic

every nation has a responsibility to share information and jointly fight communicable diseases.” President Tsai Ing-wen

The COVID-19 is a pandemic, a global disease outbreak that impacts each and every one of us. With individuals living by paycheck to paycheck every single day, it is without a doubt that the 2019 coronavirus has brought lasting financial impacts to the global economy. An article by the New York Times has analogized the COVID-19 to a “sudden black hole”, leaving millions jobless, likely with more trouble to come. Reports show more than 3 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last week (as of March 26th) with a staggering total of 16 million globally. This issue doesn’t simply end here. The United States, topping the list of countries most affected by the pandemic, has its unemployment rate rising 6.6 million in a week, conclusively leaving millions in fear of economic strife, alongside the country’s lack of regulation in the Fair Labor Standards Act for there to be a compulsory Severance Package, the pays and benefits unwilfully unemployed individuals are entitled to receive once they leave their company. This ultimately means that people, in times of such, are losing the stable income that serves as a foundation for their family and life, and also in deprivation of the critical source of financial aid they count on after unemployment.

Taiwan's Shortage Relief

With so much hoarding and panic dominating grocery stores of the world, it is no surprise that there are severe shortages of sanitary products and shelter sustenance in many places of the globe. However, the Taiwanese population continues to hold their head high in pride of their country’s notable efforts of containing the virus along with their acts of empathy seen by the world.

Taiwan’s management in facing this global disease outbreak has truly exceeded the eye of the world. Before statistics skyrocketed, a report by the Johns Hopkins University predicted Taiwan to be the second most hard-hit country of the coronavirus, standing behind China, due to the millions of people traveling across the Taiwan Strait, the narrow waterway separating the country of Taiwan to mainland China. As of right now, Taiwan has been able to flatten the curve with victims totaling less than 400. Reasons of this may range from the governmental regulations implemented on mask and alcohol commerce, the rationing of products, and the country’s early response to the viral outbreak.

“We want everyone to not only see that ‘Taiwan can help,’ but that ‘Taiwan is helping,’” President Tsai Ing-wen

President Tsai Ing-wen has publicly expressed her opinions of collaboration and the importance of sharing knowledge and resources during desperate measures. With that said, Taiwan has already donated 10 million surgical masks to aid countries affected most by this virus, also donating $120 million NTD in providence to fight the coronavirus in Italy. Their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. The European Union has announced its receiving of Taiwan’s donations and thanked them for its “gesture of solidarity”.

With this said and done, “in these difficult times, international cooperation is crucial.” – Janez Lenarcic, EU commissioner for Crisis Management.

What Can I Do?

From the simplest social media posts to charity donations, change isn’t at all beyond reach, neither is it incompatible with our factitial circumstances.

All regards to the COVID-19, check out the following for any kind contribution: [Please note that those in need vary across a range of professions, circumstances, and severities. The donation link provided specifically targets to “track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and to accelerate research and development of a vaccine and treatments for all who need them.” Feel free to donate to other charity organizations specializing in consequential matters of the COVID-19 such as Feeding America, The Actors Fund, Global Giving, Direct Relief, and Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation.]

World Health Organization | United Nations Foundation | Swiss Philanthropy Foundation:

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